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CFP: Disability Studies – Journal Teoria Juridica Contemporânea

The theme of the Special Section of vol. 4, n. 2 (2019.2) of the journal Teoria Jurídica Contemporânea will be Disability Studies, and it will be under the editorial responsibility of Inmaculada Vivas-Tesón (Universidade de Sevilla) and Ana Paula Barbosa-Fohrmann (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro).

The editors expect to receive contributions that address the following topics:

  • Meanings, concepts, and models of disability;
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on disability (Anthropology, Bioethics, Philosophy, History, Medicine, Psychology, and Sociology);
  • Effectiveness of social rights in the field of disability;
  • Personhood, personality, and capacity;
  • Disability and art;
  • Disability, animality, and corporeality;
  • Autonomy, dignity and independent living, identity and participation in communities and in society;
  • Mental health and psychosocial care;
  • Public policies (including intersectional) for people with disabilities in the legislative and executive spheres
  • Ethics of care: disability, vulnerability, and dependency

Deadline: July 31, 2019

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